Puffland Cannabis Christmas gift guide

Cannabis Christmas Gift Guide

Getting ready for the holiday season? Make it a cannabis Christmas with Puffland! Our online dispensary has something for almost everyone on your list this holiday season. Christmas Gifts for Smokers Who doesn’t have a cannabis smoker on their list? And which of them wouldn’t want to find cannabis under their tree this year? Check […]

what are terpenes? with an older woman smelling a cannabis flower

What Are Terpenes? How They Influence Cannabis Strains

You know how some cannabis strains have cool names that you feel like you can smell, or even taste, just by the name? That’s because their names come from their unique terpene profile. But what are terpenes? Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds found in many plants that are responsible for their distinct smell and taste. […]

how is cannabis converted to cbd

CBD Extraction – Converting Cannabis to CBD

When we see CBD, it’s typically in a tincture or oil or edible product. So, how is CBD made? And how is cannabis converted from plant to CBD? CBD is a cannabinoid present in all cannabis plants that needs to be extracted to remove it from the other components. CBD is often extracted from hemp […]

cannabis for depression and mental health

Cannabis for Mental Health – CBD and Depression

Depression is a common mental disorder and is the leading cause of disability worldwide. In Canada, more than 5% of the population meet the criteria for major depression in any given year. Many are now finding cannabis as a better solution to treat their depression alongside traditional therapy and activities. There are many treatments for […]

cannabis uses in canada

Top 4 Reasons for Cannabis Use in Canada

Cannabis has been used medically for many years. Still, since legalization of weed, cannabis use in Canada has increased massively for medicinal purposes. So, what are the most common reasons for Canadians to use cannabis? 1 Cannabis for Insomnia Psychiatrist Dr. Randhawa at the University of British Columbia’s sleep disorders clinic notes that approximately 30% […]

Cannabis and weight loss

Can Cannabis Help With Weight Loss?

In recent years, Cannabis (particularly CBD) has been connected to weight loss. When you think about cannabis stereotypes, there are probably a few things that immediately come to mind. Most of us probably conjure up the image of a ‘stoner’ sitting on the couch watching trashy TV surrounded by a mountain of snacks. Of course, […]

Cannabis for managing addictions

Cannabis for Managing Addictions

Cannabis is increasingly being considered a means of managing addictions, particularly since traditional treatments are often unsuccessful and relapse often occurs. Additionally, cannabis is associated with less risk than other substances. Addiction is a significant issue in Canada. In the last Canadian drug survey in 2012, more than 21% of Canadians met the criteria for […]

Cannabis For Seniors over an old man smoking weed

A Guide to Cannabis for Seniors – How Cannabis Can Make Life Easier as You Age

The legalization of cannabis has given more seniors the motivation and opportunity to start using medical cannabis for managing the symptoms associated with ageing and other ailments such as chronic pain, insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, and so much more. Long-term prescription medication use can have challenging and potentially damaging side effects. So, it’s no wonder that […]

Cannabis Topicals For Skincare

Cannabis Topicals for Skincare

Cannabis, particularly CBD, is on the radar of most, if not all, major beauty brands. You might be asking yourself whether or not it’s worth all the hype. We think it is! Cannabis topicals are a great way to treat your skin regardless of whether or not you’re looking for a regular moisturizing lotion or […]

cannabis and professional sports, track runner race

Cannabis and Professional Sports

The view of cannabis in sports has changed significantly over the last several years. It has been widely discussed at the Tokyo Olympics this summer. Athletes, especially professional athletes, put a lot of strain on their bodies, typically over extended periods. This type of strain leads to pain and often injuries. Many athletes are looking for a […]

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