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Looking for an easy way to use hybrid flowers or oils & concentrates that is healthier than smoking? Consider THC:CBD vape pens when you buy weed online! They are much easier to use that smoking, especially for beginners, can be used instantly and are very practical if you are on the go or look for easy refills. Besides, buying hybrid vape pens allow you to experience both the benefits of CBD and THC.

Ready to shop cannabis online? Take a look at our selection of THC:CBD vape pens below!

Buying weed online with Puffland is a guarantee you will get the top-shelf THC:CBD vape pens and brands: FeelCBD, Forever Phoenix, Mota, Gas Garden, Dickpunch Extracts and much more.

What Are CBD:THC Hybrid Vape Pens?

Hybrid vape pens are a simple and easy way to vape, when you want to enjoy both the benefits of CBD and THC, even if you are new to cannabis or vaping. A vape pen typically consists of two pieces: a battery and cartridge. Hybrid vapes are extremely versatile, can be used with oil cartridges, THC:CBD vape juice, and can come with different battery capacities and types to fit your lifestyle and cannabis consumption habits. Learn more.

hybrid vape pen to buy on puffland - cannabis online

Vaping vs Smoking

Both vaping and smoking have their own benefits when it comes to cannabis. Not sure which one of these two to try? If you are on the go and looking for something quick and easy to use, we recommend you to try weed vape pens. It is much more convenient than having to carry weed strains and rolling paper. Another advantage of vaping vs smoking is that it won’t leave yellow stains on your hands. Weed vape pens also contain more cannabis than joints and allow you to experience weed much longer.

hybrid vape pen to buy online on puffland

How To Use Your Hybrid Vape Pen?

If you are using a vape pen with CBD and THC for the first time, we recommend you to start slow and wait a few minutes to gauge the effects. If your device has multiple voltage settings, start at the lowest setting. Whether you are a beginner or not, you should be able to start feeling the effects of your vape pen within minutes. Full effects can take 10-15 minutes.

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