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Cannabis can be very versatile. You can smoke it, vape it, apply it, eat it… but did you know you could consume weed through cannabis infused drinks? Yes cannabis edibles are available as drinks too! If you feel like drinking instead of smoking, we sell the most delicious cannabis beverages for you. CBD, THC, hybrid, there is a drink for your need. Besides being super refreshing and tasty, our drinks are a fun and practical way to consume cannabis either on your own or with friends.

Ready to shop cannabis online? Take a look at our selection of drinks below and don’t hesitate to pair your beverages with CBD gummies, chocolates or weed brownies!

Buying weed online with Puffland is a guarantee you will get the top-shelf cannabis edibles and brands: Mota, Twisted Extracts, Diamond Concentrates, Gas Garden, Shatter Bars and much more.

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What are cannabis-infused drinks?

Although cannabis-infused beverages are fairly recent on the market, these cannabis edibles, or should we say drinkables, are becoming more popular among cannabis users. But, what are they made of? Technically, cannabis drinks are tinctures or alcohol-based elixirs containing a dissolved drug inside of them. Tinctures have different benefits, and depending if you buy cannabis drinks with CBD, THC or both, it will have different effects. Cannabis tinctures have been used for their benefits for years, either orally or applied externally. It is only recently that you can consume them through cannabis drinks. So, what happen when you combine a cannabis tincture with any beverages? The possibilities are endless. It can go from non-alcoholic drinks like tea or soda, to beers or ciders.

buy weed online cannabis infused drinks

Why should you buy them?

Cannabis can be found in many forms and flavours: cannabis edibles, tinctures, flowers, concentrates. But, what make cannabis beverages unique? One of their most appealing features is that their formulation mimics the effects of alcohol, including rapid onset time and duration of effects. This is much faster than any other cannabis products. Usually, you might need to wait 4 hours to feel the effects and worry about a potential 12 hour high. Not with cannabis-infused drinks! They also come in lots of different flavours, depending on what products you like. If you want to experience CBD or THC but don’t like the taste of weed, give cannabis drinks a try.

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How do you make them?

Do you want to do your own CBD or THC drinkables? It is a simple process. Pick a tincture of your choosing, depending on the benefits and effects you are looking for. Then, you will have to mix the tincture with a drink, wither beer, soda, tea, cocoa etc. The options are endless and completely depend on your own taste.

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